Dress Standards & Four Biblical Principles

Believing that our outward appearance is a reflection of our hearts and minds, Faith Baptist Christian Academy expects all parents to exercise good taste and judgment in the dress of students at all times. The intent of dress code standards at Faith Baptist Christian Academy is to train children to realize that although many types of clothing are acceptable to wear, some are more appropriate for specific activities than others. Because the type of clothing worn can influence attitude and behavior, the following dress code represents the acceptable model of dress for the school and its activities.

Our Dress Standards Are Based On Four Biblical Principles:

1. MODESTY refers to what is decent and proper; in dress, not calling attention to or exposing too much of the body. {I Timothy 2:9} Men are often tempted by what they see {Matthew 5:28}, therefore, the caution to women concerning their dress. Clothing that is too short, above the knee {the Old Testament emphasizes the importance of covering the thighs-Exodus 28:42 Isaiah 47:2}, too tight, form fitting, too low, revealing more than proper – these do not meet the requirements for modesty. The question for our dress should not be what is comfortable or stylish, but what is godly.

2. APPROPRIATENESS refers to what is suitable or proper for a particular use or activity. What is appropriate in one setting may not be in another. Uniforms may be required for certain types of work or recreation that would not be worn in other situations {i.e. policemen, servicemen, nurses, ball teams, etc.}. Assuming that all clothing should be modest, some would be appropriate for gardening or recreation that would not be for church. Dress appropriate for jogging would not be appropriate for the office. Each Christian should be in the habit of offering to God his/her best not just what is convenient or comfortable. Thus, when coming to worship/church/school a Christian should be mindful to wear the best clothes he or she has.

3. DIFFERENCE refers to the Christian differing from worldly fashions and styles. There are styles that may be popular that characterize sloppiness, sensuality, suggestiveness, etc. Believers are to be different from the world because we illustrate a different message of life. Christians should dress in a particular way to attract others to Christ. On the subject of what is appropriate and being different – remember Deuteronomy 22:5 – which teaches the Biblical principle that men and women are to dress differently in order to best reflect their gender.

4. DEFERENCE refers to yielding to the judgment or opinion of another with courtesy. This is based upon such Scriptures as Romans 14 and 1 Corinthians 8. We defer or yield our opinion or ideas to those who are in authority over us or for the good of a weaker Christian or our Christian testimony, to the glory of God.

How we dress speaks volumes about our opinion of ourselves and those around us but most of all it shows the kind of reverence and respect we have for our God, His people, and His Word.
FBCA Dress Code Information

As a ministry of Faith Baptist Church, FBCA wants to promote the type of outstanding conduct that honors the Lord. This is what the school has established as its objective.

Since it is our desire to instill an appreciation for godly living in the heart and life, we have found it necessary to have regulations concerning school uniforms. One’s outward appearance is a reflection of the heart and mind. Thus, the following are policies established by FBCA for the mode of dress as a member of the student body.

Our Dress Code

In order to maintain a consistent uniform, all uniforms may be purchased through a supplier that meets our dress code standards (ex : Wal-Mart, Target, Sears, etc.). All uniforms should be purchased by the first day of school. Listed below are our dress code and uniform guidelines. If you have any questions, please contact the school office.

Uniform Guidelines for Middle / High School (7th-12th grade)

Dress Code Procedures: The following clothing styles and colors will be considered appropriate:

Boys: Solid navy or khaki pants are allowed (blue jeans are NOT permitted). Pants cannot have pockets or zippers on the legs.
*Pants may be purchased from any store.

● Solid colored polo or collared shirts are required.

Girls: Any solid color skirts are permitted if worn appropriately, no slits. Skirts are not to be above the knee when sitting or standing. Therefore, skirts should be at the bottom of the knee cap.
*Skirts may be purchased from any store.

● Solid colored polo or collared shirts are required.

Uniforms must also abide by the following guidelines:

Shirts may have a school insignia, but no other ornamentation is allowed on any clothing; **Labels/logos that are on shirts at the time of purchase are not to be larger than a quarter, if larger than a quarter, they are not to be worn to school**

Shirts must be tucked in and with no cleavage visible.
No jogging or cargo pants.

Uniforms must be made of a standard uniform material such as cotton or twill; and have a sewn hem.

Uniforms must be worn at the natural waist. They cannot be poorly fitted, tight, body hugging, or oversized and baggy, so as to allow sagging of the pants. Belts must be worn if pants or skirts have belt loops. Belts and belt buckles must not be oversized nor have any writing or symbols.


Shoes should be enclosed at the front and fastened/tied properly. Shoes must be a matched pair. Shoes with wheels are not allowed. Bedroom shoes and slippers are not allowed.

Solid color sweaters, sweatshirts, coats, and jackets without hoods and without an insignia (color appropriate to the school) may be worn over uniform shirts;

White T-shirts may be worn under uniform shirts. Solid color turtlenecks (white or a color appropriate to the school) may be worn under uniform shirts; there is to be no writing on under shirts

No manner of clothing, jewelry, button, or pin may display drugs, cigarettes, sexually suggestive items, alcohol, profanity, gang related logos or messages, or pictures or words that are determined to be distracting or demeaning to others by the school’s administrators;

Hats, caps, sweatbands, sunglasses, and other head coverings inside the building are not permitted. Baseball caps MAY NOT BE WORN during the academic school hours of 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. During inclement weather, hats may be worn between, but not inside buildings. This includes the dining areas. Hats, caps, etc. are to be placed on the hat rack at the office for the day and not worn in the classroom. Hooded sweatshirts may be worn but with the hood down while inside the classroom.

Pierced earrings are permissible (for girls only) when worn in the ear as designed. Tattoos and other body piercings are not permitted to be visible at school or school related activities. Students may not wear items such as nose rings, nose pins, tongue rings, tongue pins, or any jewelry to accessorize facial or body piercing. Male students may not wear earrings to school or school related a

Extreme hair color/hairstyles, make-up, etc., must not be a distraction, inflammatory, or offensive. There is to be NO facial hair on young men. Hair should be clean and neatly groomed. Boys' hair should be off the collar, off the ears, and above the eyebrows. Sideburns can be no longer than the ear hole. Mohawks, dreadlocks, hair attachments (weaves, feathers, etc.) are not permitted. Any hair ornaments such as bows or headbands must compliment the uniform and be in school colors (white, light blue, and black).

Tattoos: FBCA discourages the acquiring of tattoos as a statement or lifestyle choice.  All tattoos and body writing must be covered during school and school related activities.

Chains, wallet chains, and spiked jewelry are not allowed on campus or at school related activities;

Non-Compliance Procedures

FBCA will strive to achieve full compliance within the guidelines of the Dress Code Policy. Since non-compliance interferes with the smooth operation of the school, the plan listed below has been developed to address students who do not comply with the required dress code procedures. If a student is not in compliance with the dress code, the following measures will be taken.

1st Offense ~ A notification will be given to the parent and the problem must be corrected immediately.

2nd & Additional Offenses ~ Student will not be allowed to attend classes until the problem is resolved and student may not participate in any school programs, athletic practices, conditioning, or games.