Who Can Donate

Any individual, couple or company paying GA income tax can make a donation and receive a dollar for dollar GA tax credit.

                   Donation Amount                      GA Tax Credit

Individual            $1,000 max                                 $1,000 max

Couples               $2,500 max        $2,500 max

Corporations     75% of tax liability                 75% of tax liability

How to Donate To donate, click the link below and follow the instructions:

Donors must follow a simple process :

1. Donors complete a pre-approval form (Georgia Form IT-QEE-TP1) and mail to the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR).

2. GA DOR approves the pre-approval form on a first come, first serve basis and sends the approved form back to the donor - this may take up to thirty (30) days.

3. Donor has thirty (30) days from approval (the date of approval will be stamped on bottom of pre-approval form) to send in a:

a. Copy of pre-approval form
b. Check for donation payable to Golden Dome Fund, Inc.
c.  Designation form
All three should be mailed to:

Golden Dome Scholarship Fund, Inc.
PO Box 4663
Valdosta, Georgia 31604-4663

4. Golden Dome sends donor an acknowledgement form (Georgia form IT-QEE-SS01) to be filed with donor’s GA tax return.

a. Donor receives full tax credit on GA tax return and all necessary paperwork for tax filing purposes

Please contact Golden Dome Scholarship Fund, Inc. for further information on donations.


Georgia Department of Education

Georgia Tax Credit for Private Schools

House Bill 1133

FAQ Page – Click Here

Donation Designation Form – Click Here

Georgia Form IT-QEE-TP1 – Click Here

This form is the first step in applying for the income tax credit for qualified education expenses. The form is filed by the taxpayer and is used to request preapproval of an intended contribution to a student scholarship organization.

Scholarship Application – Click Here

This form must be filled out and returned to FBCA to apply for a Scholarship.

Business Form Letter

This form letter can be used to contact a business for a donation. The form is downloadable and editable.

Family / Friend Form Letter

The attached file is an editable form letter that can be used to contact family/friends to request a donation. Please download the form, edit it to fit your situation, and send it to the desired party.

Faith Baptist Christian Academy

PO Box 100 / 12 S. McDonald St. - Ludowici, Georgia 31316
Financial Aid Information
Student Scholarship Organization (SSO)

In May of 2008, Gov. Perdue signed HB1133 into law allowing Georgia taxpayers to direct their tax dollars to private schools.  It also gives private schools an opportunity to offer scholarships to students.  We are excited to be working with Golden Dome Scholarship Fund, Inc.  This program allows a donor to receive a dollar for dollar tax credit (up to $2,500 for married filing jointly) on GA state taxes and a federal tax deduction. 

The Golden Dome Scholarship Fund Inc. was incorporated to assist private schools in obtaining scholarships for their students. These scholarships are funded through donations from individuals and corporations. The management of the Golden Dome Scholarship Fund Inc. has been involved with funding issues for private grade schools for over 25 years. Their motto summarizes their mission:

"Providing Educational Funding for our Leaders of Tomorrow - Today"

This program allows individuals to donate up to $2,500(for married filing jointly) and corporations to donate up to 75% of their tax liability.  We encourage more people to participate which allows more students the opportunity to receive scholarships.

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