Day School Financial Information Tuition And Fees

Part I - Registration Per Family:    $350..... $450 after April 15th
Registration (per family)

Part II - Books Fees:

All books and supplies will vary with different grades. The deadline for purchasing books is July 1.

Part III - School Fees:

  • GACS per Student (Payable on or before August 1st)     $50.00
  • Sports Fees per Student per Sport (Payable on or before August 1st)$100.00 per sport
  • Activity Fee per Student (Payable on or before August 1st)    $125.00

Also keep in mind that registration fees must be paid to guarantee a place for your child. After this date placement will be based on first come first serve. *The Sports fees are only for those in Jr. and Sr. High who play sports.

  • School Insurance (mandatory enrollment) K—8th Grade       $25.00
  • School Insurance (mandatory enrollment) 9th—12th Grade  $50.00

Part IV - Tuition Donation Fee:      Monthly Payments

One Child $350
Two Children   $700
Three Children        $1050
For Each Child Over Three         $150
AFTERCARE                $ 5.00 per day

FBCA offers the option of three payment plans:

  • 10 month Plan—10 payments from Aug—May
  • 12 month Plan—12 payments from Aug—July
  • 1 payment for Full Year’s tuition

Withdrawal Policy
It is understood, upon enrollment, that a family is choosing to enroll their student for the entire year and FBCA budgets are set accordingly.  If you withdraw your child before the end of the year, a 30 day advanced written notice is required.  The remaining month’s tuition following the student’s last day of school, plus the next two months' tuition will be assessed as a withdrawal fee.  Report cards and/or transcripts are released to parents or other schools only when the student’s account is paid up to date.

Past Due Accounts
Tuition is delinquent after the 10th of each month.  A $35.00 late fee will be added to all delinquent accounts.  On the 11th of each month, those accounts that are not current will be notified that they must pay their accounts by the 1st of the next month.  Students that are delinquent in excess of thirty (30) days will be dismissed from FBCA.

*There is a 25% discount on tuition donation fees for children of full time Pastors/Preachers (senior pastors/evang. whose full income is from the ministry; this is contingent on timely payment of all school accounts). If you think you qualify, please contact us.

All tuition donations and other fees are subject to change without notice. Make checks payable to Faith Baptist Church or Faith Baptist Christian Academy. We charge a $25 service charge on all returned checks.

Parents are responsible for a full month’s tuition once a student has attended four (4) days of classes within the month in question. A transcript, sent from the previous school, should accompany any application for enrollment in FBCA.

All work should be kept current to ensure academic progress. If it becomes necessary to terminate the enrollment of any student or if a student withdraws from FBCA, progress reports and records of work completed will not be forwarded until all fees are paid in full. Enrollment may be terminated at any time at the discretion of the administration. Noncompliance with guidelines will automatically result in termination.


Please keep in mind that students are not allowed to take Nine Weeks Exams unless all accounts are current.

REPORT CARDS and TRANSCRIPTS are not issued to students or parents unless accounts are current. If you have a question about your account, please call the school office at 545-9136.

Ludowici, Georgia
Grade      Cost
K-4 thru 2nd                  $250

3rd thru 6th                    $300

7th thru 12th                  $350