This page was last updated: March 19, 2024

This class is designed to provide a focused and advanced study in theology, biblical studies, pastoral ministry, and practical applications. Each session will include interactive discussions, case studies, and hands-on activities to engage students actively in the learning process. Adjustments will be made based on the specific needs and context of the students and the ministry setting.

Week 1-2: Advanced Theology and Doctrine
Session 1: Systematic Theology Overview
  • Introduction to advanced theological concepts
  • The importance of systematic theology in pastoral ministry
  • Session 2: Comparative Theology
  • Exploring different theological frameworks
  • Understanding theological diversity within Christianity

Week 3-4: Advanced Biblical Studies
Session 3: Old Testament Studies
  • In-depth study of major prophets and historical books
  • Cultural and historical contexts of Old Testament texts
Session 4: New Testament Studies
  • Analyzing Pauline and general epistles
  • Application of New Testament texts in ministry

Week 5-6: Pastoral Ministry and Leadership
Session 5: Advanced Preaching Techniques
  • Enhancing preaching skills for various contexts
  • Crafting sermons with theological depth and relevance
Session 6: Advanced Pastoral Counseling
  • Addressing complex pastoral issues
  • Utilizing advanced counseling techniques

Week 7-8: Church Administration and Leadership
Session 7: Strategic Church Leadership
  • Developing effective church leadership strategies
  • Handling financial stewardship and conflict resolution
Session 8: Church Growth and Development
  • Strategies for church revitalization and growth
  • Implementing practical steps for church development

Week 9-10: Practical Ministry Applications
Session 9: Advanced Evangelism and Missions
  • Global missions strategies and cultural sensitivity
  • Advanced principles of evangelism
Session 10: Practical Ministry Practicum
  • Internship or practicum in a ministry setting
  • Applying learned principles in real-world scenarios

Week 11-12: Specialized Topics in Ministry
Session 11: Specialized Studies (Choose one)
  • Advanced Discipleship and Spiritual Formation
  • Church Revitalization and Growth
  • Specialized Studies in Missions, Apologetics, or Church Planting

Session 12: Final Projects and Reflection
  • Presentation of research or projects
  • Reflection on the course and personal growth in ministry